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13th-Feb-2008 09:12 pm - [Daniel] Downtime
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Daniel
When: Day 47, afternoon, after the Wedding, during Phoning Home
Where: The Lagoon
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Everyone showed up for the wedding, which was probably to be expected. It was a nice change of routine for all of the castaways and one of those few good things that happened since being stranded, like Aaron's birth. Even Sawyer was on his best behavior, though there were rumors and suspicions that his behavior had more to do with Faith watching him like a pit bull and giving him the occasional feral smile.

"So, did you?" Daniel asked Faith after the happy newlyweds kissed and the "reception" began in earnest.

"Did I what?" Faith batted her eyes in a feint of innocence.

"Threaten Sawyer to keep him on good behavior?" Daniel asked.

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11th-Feb-2008 09:30 pm - [Scott] Phoning Home
Crossing Lost - Scott and Ami
Who: Scott, Ami, NPCs Ripley, Sam Carter, Paul Forrester
When: Day 47, afternoon
Where: The root cave, NW of Camp Crash
Invited: NPC Sam Carter (Will eventually merge with Off Island: Meetings)
Status: Incomplete

An almost deja vu washed over Scott as he and his wife entered the root cave. A little over a month earlier he, Ripley, and Ami had come here to see if the co-locator would work. It had, and Scott was beyond grateful for the fleeting contact with his parents. Plus, he'd given Mom and Dad as much information as he could about the other survivors. They were working with Kevin and the other Tomorrow People to get them off of this god-forsaken island. If not for Ami's precognitive flashes and actually meeting his daughter(!), Scott would have doubted their chances of rescue. (Make the best of it,) Scott told himself.

/We are,/ Ami returned, squeezing his hand. The mother-of-pearl wedding band felt strange on his left hand, but in a good way. Thanks to their connection Scott knew that Ami was already used to the ring he'd made for her.

Scott shrugged off his backpack, pulled out the silvery co-locator, and strode to the middle of the cave. They may as well be ready to get started when Ripley arrived. She'd refused Ami's offer to teleport the three of them from camp. "And pass up the opportunity to tear through the jungle at top speed?" the xenomorph had laughed. Scott and Ami took the easy route. They didn't want their "Sunday best" -- the clothes they wore for their wedding ceremony an hour ago -- mussed and sweaty for when they told Mom and Dad the good news.

A soft thump and a wave of near-feral glee above them announced Ripley's arrival. "All's clear," she called through the tangle of roots and vines. "Ready when you are."
2nd-Feb-2008 11:23 pm - Off Island: Meetings
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Some NPCs
Where: Public Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado
When: Seven months post-crash
Status: Incomplete
Invited: NPCs (Yes, if you ask first, you can claim one of the SG-1 team members)


Kevin Wilson looked over at the man sitting beside him on the park bench. His response was immediate and reactionary, without any thought. "No. Why?"

Paul Forrester, alien in a human shell, quirked a bit of a smile and inclined his head toward Kevin's twitching leg. "You look a little nervous."

The leg in question was attached to a foot that tapped out an irregular beat on the sidewalk while his hand strummed out a not quite so complimentary rhythm on his thigh. Kevin forced himself to stop. He gave Paul a sheepish grin, "Maybe a little nervous."

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31st-Jan-2008 12:37 pm - [Daniel] Embracing the Quiet
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Daniel
When: Day 46, late morning (one week after the luau)
Where: Camp Crash, the cook fire
Invited: Everyone!
Status: Incomplete

A most surprising thing happened on Mindfuck Island in the week following the luau: absolutely nothing. No deadly or mysterious strangers stumbled out of the jungle, or even appeared out of thin air. The bright bonfires at night kept any odd "quantum" or "interdimensional" creatures at bay and the Smoke Monster did not make an appearance. The small scouting parties sent out mapped out a good seven mile radius around the camp, revealed some new sources of fruit and tubers, wild chickens of some sort, a plentiful area of fish off the northern coast and boar wallowing grounds. All-in-all, it was a very good week.

It made Daniel even more wary and extra observant.

"You're getting paranoid, Daniel," Jon teased him as they sat watch one night.

"Learned it from the best," Daniel responded.

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30th-Jan-2008 01:15 pm - [Frank] Hangover Day
Who: Frank
When: Day 39, Morning
Where: Camp Crash II, beach
Invited: Anyone 
Status: Incomplete

Frank didn't make it back to his tent last night. Why he built the thing, he's even wondering about. The alcohol was flowing so much last night that Frank even line danced... that memory is one he'd rather block out, thanks for asking. What in the world had he been thinking?

Frank woke out on the beach, pretty much in the same spot where he had collapsed in an alcohol induced near coma. He groaned as the light hit his eyes and brought a hand up to cover them. Once his eyes adjusted somewhat he looked down to find that he was fully clothed... 'Damn, get piss drunk, wake up on a beach, and you're still clothed with no hot chick curled up beside you... You are so slipping Frank.'

Frank let out another groan as he sat up, trying to quite the marachi band in his head, "Oh yeah... Hangover Day." See Frank swore he only got one day off... Saturday. Sunday was hangover day, which didn't count in his mind. "Okay Frankie boy, time to face the day. You can do this." Sadly, no he couldn't. Frank's attempts at getting to his feet met with remarkable failure. Between his own injuries, which were not helped by sleeping on the ground out in the open, and his hangover he wasn't going anywhere on his own power for a time. Finally giving up Frank let out a sigh, "Well, at least the scenery is nice."
30th-Jan-2008 01:06 pm - [Stephen] Morning after
Who: Stephen
When: Day 39, Morning
Where: Camp Crash II
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Well the luau was fun, and Stephen drank more then he likely would have on a normal occassion, but it wasn't really a normal occassion. Susan and Marcus were engaged. Michael would die when he found out... if he found out. 

Despite drinking copious amounts of vodka to try and keep up with Susan and her toasts, Stephen was up early in the morning for his usual run. He ignored the pounding headache and wished he had oxy pills during the whole thing, but he did it. 

Stephen's run accomplished, he decided to get some coffee put on and some breakfast going for himself and anyone else. Hence he found himself at one of the campfires, casually observing the world as it woke up. Sure he saw things he'd rather not, but he was used to that. Space stations are not that big after all... not even Babylon 5. 

Stephen had a pot of coffee going and had his first cup by the time the sun was truly up. The man didn't sleep much, not even when sleep was alcohol induced. The first cup of coffee allowed him to finally start thinking about food as he poured the second cup. Leftovers from the night before were quickly thrown together and Stephen began to chow down. Long years as a doctor had taught him to always eat fast as one never knows when the meal will be interrupted.
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Faith
When: Day 39, Morning
Where: Camp Crash II
Invited: George, Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Faith didn't need as much as sleep as other people. It made for long, restless nights filled only with patrolling, masturbating or sex depending on the timing and location. Here, recently, she got her fill of sex.

She left Chloe in a sated, exhausted slumber and re-emerged on the beach several hours later. The slight shift of the sun in the sky told her it was at least nine o' clock, and a good portion of the camp denizens were awake and stirring. There was the familiar smell of coffee in the air, and the usual breakfast smells of roasting roots and tubers mingled with fish and pig.

(Mmmmmmm, piiiiiig.) Faith chuckled at her quiet channeling of Homer Simpson.

Last night, she dragged Daniel away from the party – no, wait, he dragged her away before they had a chance to sample the fine roasted beast. She was glad that there was some leftover.

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25th-Nov-2007 10:16 am - The Luau Continues . . .
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Damon
When: Day 38, Night: The Luau
Where: Camp Crash II
Invited: Everyone
Status: Incomplete

"You're either a million miles away or you're jealous of Scott and Dean's dance skill."

Damon tilted his head back from where it rested on the log besides Claire's thigh to look up at her. Aaron nursed contentedly in her arms, and they relaxed in the circle around the bonfire. There was a twinkle in her eyes, and a smile on her very sweet looking mouth, and Damon felt himself grin broadly back, heart in his eyes.

"That was not even remotely related to skill. That was having seizures to music," Damon quipped.

"Show them how it's done," May suggested. She wandered over to coo at Aaron – the baby was a magnet for all sorts of people to coo and spew gibberish and make general idiots of themselves -- Yeah, pot. Kettle. Black. – and stayed by watching the dancing and the fun.

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24th-Nov-2007 01:28 pm - [McKay] Visiting the crabs?
Gloves come off?
Who: McKay, Martha
When: During the luau (before the pig!)
Where: CCII
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Just when he thought all was lost, Martha was quick on the uptake... and Rodney clearly brightened, the momentary scowl merely a flicker as a grin came in and settled. "Ah... because a few days ago, there was an idea for something to do... and it was suggested that we could have a hermit crab race. So... the commander... John and I, well... we found a few." But he'd given away 'Sam', one of what he'd considered 'the best', to Chloe.

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6th-Nov-2007 10:09 pm - It's Luau Time
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Faith Lehane
When: Day 38, Night: The Luau
Where: Camp Crash II
Invited: Everyone
Status: Complete (action moved to another thread)

Making her way barefoot across the moonlit sand, Faith broke into a huge grin at the luau's success. The nightly bonfire burned and sparked brightly in orange, red and yellow, the crackling and sharp scent of burning wood mingling with the salty and damp ocean smells. It was the signature smell of Camp Crash II, but somehow tonight it was warm and festive. Maybe it was the tiki torches that dotted the perimeter of the camp and blazed over the woven palm mats that made up the makeshift dance floor; maybe it was the music, an eclectic mix of mp3 tunes boasting everything from country to hip hop, playing on the rigged "sound system" created by the island braniacs (after some complaining).

Maybe it was just that everyone was relaxed and happy.

The TARDIS group had returned after receiving word along the telepathic hotline, and wine and beer, a good portion of it alien, a larger portion of it highly alcoholic, and all of it very good, had been provided courtesy of Nine who declined to say why he had such varying stores stashed away in the TARDIS "attic" or how long that said stores had been there.

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Simon Jester Precious Metals
Who: George, Daisy, Ash, Blaise, Bill & Chloe
When: Twenty minutes into the future
Where: Camp Crash II
Invited: Anyone who wants to play
Status: Incomplete

George, Daisy, Ash, Blaise, Bill and Chloe sat around the camp fire. They had gathered one by one, mostly in silence. The camp was strangely quiet at the moment. Everyone stared at the flames, seemingly mesmerized or at least content to sit and think without conversing.

Until George idly tossed a twig into the camp fire. It crisped and curled up and blackened and shivered into ash. George sighed loudly. "I'm bored," she announced.

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5th-Oct-2007 09:57 pm(no subject)
Who: TARDIS Team
When: Day 37, Just after dark
Invited: Anyone in the amazing and utterly magnificent time machine
Status: Incomplete

Scott, Ami, Rose and Jack had brought a sleeping bag, some fresh cloths,  and three oil lanterns out to Kenzaki, as well as some dinner.  They had sat with him while he ate, even though he insisted he didn't need to.   With the oil lanterns lit, there would be more than enough light to keep the creatures of the dark... the Grue, away.  And he was camped right in front of the door, anble to get in as quickly as he could move.  Rose was still reluctant to leave him outside, but the alternative was not worth it.  
3rd-Oct-2007 12:28 am - [Methos] Making Leis or Trying To
Beer Good by beccadg
Who: Methos
When: Day 37, Just after dark
Where: Methos' Hut
Invited: Anyone interested in a beer, er, mead
Status: Complete

Methos' smile was smug as he looked at the flowers he'd collected after the boar hunt. He had more than enough to make the leis he'd promised Oona and River. There had to be enough flowers there to make half a dozen leis. Methos wondered briefly if the group that had gone to the TARDIS would be back in time for the luau, and if he should make a lei for Jack. He shrugged it off. Methos hadn't promised Jack a lei. He did wonder what the market might be for some extra leis. Methos had to remind himself he had to get them made before he could trade them for anything. He had some mead.

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2nd-Oct-2007 06:13 pm - [NPC] When The Cat's Away
Who: ???
When: Day 37, night
Where: Camp Crash II
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

He smiled as he slipped out of the shadows. The camp was silent and asleep, the only ones stirring were the sentries, those who watched the fire, and those that didn't sleep. They were wary of the dangers of this fantastic island, too grim sometimes.
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2nd-Oct-2007 10:11 pm - [Marcus] - An attempt at romance
Marcus 2
Who: Marcus & Susan
When: Just after dark
Where: Between the shelters of Marcus and Susan
Invited: SEMI-Open - Susan primarily invited
Status: Incomplete

The dry tinder that Marcus was using to bake the fish was so dry that there was no smoke, but he did keep looking up and out to the camp, then back to the leaf-wrapped fish to ensure that noone was coming.

With any luck, John was able to get the word around that nothing was to disturb him.

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